Omniconsult - Data Protection - Audits and Seminars Certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Omniconsult will assist withthe following: Audits o Compliance with German and EU data Protection and Security laws, directives and regulations o Verification of Index of Procedures o Verification of technical and organisational Data Security Seminars, Education, Workshops Topics are introduction to Data Protection law, e.g., implementation in daily routine, rights and tasks during data collection, processing and storage, right of persons concerned, private usage of company e-mail . o Customized events (according your requirements) - on-site events available o Scheduled introductonary semniars One member of the Omniconsult team - H-Christian Kraupner-Stadler - is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Data Protection Officer and will assist you in all questions regarding Data Protection and Security. .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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