Omniconsult - Seminars - Service Management The business objectives of most enterprises do not include running IT systems; however without IT they won't be able to meet their goals. To operate successfully the business depends on the services provided by IT. Defining these services and requirements poses often an obstacle due to different understanding and languages. This seminar will provide members of the business decision team with all background information to address all potential obstacles incurring through the definition and use of IT services. The non-technical agenda will help to bridge the gap between the business and IT. Who should attend? (Target Audience): Business Management (Decision Making Level); Advisors Why attending? (What would be the benefit?): Various approaches and definition for the term ‘Service’ Understand the term ‘service’ from a business perspective and how this is seen by IT Business requirements and how to link them to business outcomes Understand how to translate user expectation into something that IT can deliver Full understanding of ‘services’ provided by IT, from definitions to the full service life cycle with ready-to-use guidelines Learn the role of ISO, ITIL, eTOM, CoBIT, etc. in the context of ‘Services’ Learn how to define Services and associated agreements and how to monitor these . .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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