Omniconsult - Data Protection Data Protection becomes more and more important. In Germany the “Bundesdatenschutzgesetz” (BDSG - Data Protection law of FRG) is in place for some time. The same applies to EU Directive 95/46/EC. Compliance to the applicapable laws does not only increase security of your organisation, but could prevent civial penalties set worth in BDSG of up 300 000 Euro or up to two years imprisonment. In particular foreign organisations doing business with or in Germany and the EU, respectively, should be aware of EU and German laws and regualtions. We offer our services worldwide. Some of the topics are: Data Protection and Data Security o Personal Data and Specific Personal Data (Terms and Definition) Right of Access Personal Data o Upon request every organisation is liable of providing information about stored, processed and forwarded personal data o Information on how personal data are secured is part of the liability to provide information Data Protection Officer o In case no Data Protection Office has been appointed, the company management will be held liable Data Protection Seminars and Employee Workshops o Introduction to German and EU Data Protection laws; Application in daily business; on-site workshops A member of the Omniconsult team - H-Christian Kraupner-Stadler - is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Data Protection Officer and will assist you in all questions regarding Data Protection and Security. .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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