Omniconsult - Data Protection - external Data Protection Officer Certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce Omniconsult will assume the responsibility of a Data Protection Officer: Determine which laws are applicable Data Protection (BDSG), Tele Media (TMG), Tele Communication (TKG), Unfair Competition (UWG), any EU regulation etc. Creation and updating of the Index of Procedures Preliminary Data Control Establishing company rules for company e-mail and internet usage (private e-mail and internet) Compliance of support and outsource agreements with Data Protection Laws Customized inhouse Data Protection and Security Training Procedures to answer request according to Right of Access to Personal Data Leaflet for staff members about Data Protection and Security One member of the Omniconsult team - H-Christian Kraupner-Stadler - is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Data Protection Officer and will assist you in all questions regarding Data Protection and Security. .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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