Omniconsult - Seminars - Data Protection and Security These seminars are modular and can be customized to address individual requirements. All seminars are suited in particular for foreign organisations operating within EU and Germany, respectively. Data Protection and Data Security - Fundamentals Target Audience: everyone Content: Histroy, backround of data protection; reasons and scope for data protection and data security; efforts, benefits and costs in todays environments; data protection officer (tasks and appointment); application of laws and regulations in daily operation; pratical topics: private use of e-mail, web sites, etc. Data Protection, Data Security and IT Support Target Audience: IT Support personnel, IT Manager Content: General overview on data protection and security; potential pitfalls at customer sites; potential threads for suppor personnel; remote monitoring and management; data protection compliant support contracts Applied Data Protection and Security in industrial environments - Identification and closure of ‘leaks’ in industrial environments Target Audience: IT Management; Consultants; Vendor; Integrator Content: General overview on Data Protection and Security; Data protection is customer protection; data security is more then IT security; public code of data processing: beneficial or hindering? Workshop Data Protection and Data Security - Data Protection Awareness o A customised workshop for employee information and training; Content will be compiled according to requirements Currently these seminars are only available as customized on-site seminars. . .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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