Omniconsult - Information Technologies Since 1986 “Information Technology and Business” is a topic for Omniconsult: “Introduction of IT into Business”, “Verification of software”, “Design and implementation of IT environments supporting business procedures”, “Design and implementaion of IT networks incl. support”, “Net Work Management”, “Business Value of IT”, “Data Security and Protection” to name a few milestones. Currently we offer the following: Design / Implementation / Evaluation of IT Systems o tender, evaluation of proposals, troubleshooting etc. IT Management (Net work, system, business), Business value of IT o Selection, configuratin of network management applications (incl. Spectrum) o Business Value of IT o Service Management: Definition and Monitoring (incl. SOA) Project-Management for IT related projects (Consulting) Audits of IT-Systems regarding Security and Data Protection, ISO 27000 Seminars, education and training .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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