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Omniconsult - Seminars - Business Value of IT What does it take for CIO's to convince CFO's that an IT initiative merits funding? What does it take for CFO's to understand CIO's initiatives? How can IT help the business thrive? Why are IT investments driven more by the business then by IT? What is your business value of IT? How much contribute IT to the business success in real numbers? This seminar is designed to provide a comprehensive vendor independent insight into the business aspects of Information Technologies (IT). The content will help to understand "Business Value of IT" and how to calculate it. At the end any investment (could be financial, organizational or process oriented) will be seen from a business perspective with a clear vision about the cost, the impact and benefit described in precise numbers. Something the business understands and helps IT to justify. Who should attend? (Target Audience): Business Management and Executive Level; Advisors Why attending? (What would be the benefit?): Understand how IT provide value to the business; Learn how to achieve IT value View IT investments as business cases and improve the business success through IT Understand how business value of IT can be calculated and IT investments can be justified Learn / review various concepts for investment justification applied to IT IT / Business alignment process: learn about alignment inhibitors and understand obstacles . .For further information please contact Omnicosult