Omniconsult - Data Protection - Data Protection Service Certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce we will assist you in every aspect of data protection and security. Some of the major topics are listed below, if you have any further inquiries, please contact us. Review of the Situation Determination of applicable laws (Data Protection Law, Tele Media Law, Tele Communication Law, Law against Unfair Competition etc.) Are data being collected, processed and stored What is the nature of data (personal data, or specific personal data) Requirement to appoint a Data Protection Officer; Requirement to inform the controlling authorities Data Protection Concept for your organisation o index of Procedures (Overview how data are being handeled, dived into two parts: an internal one and an external one which should be accessable by everyone) Procedure to answer request according to Right of Access to Personal Data (Data Protection and Data Security) Education of Staff (inhouse seminars) Data Sheet for staff members on Data Protection within the organisation Seminar about Data Protection and Security External Data Protection Officer As external Data Protection Officer we will assume all responsibilities concerning Data Protection and Security so you can concerntrate on your daily business. One member of the Omniconsult team - H-Christian Kraupner-Stadler - is certified by the Chamber of Industry and Commerce as Data Protection Officer and will assist you in all questions regarding Data Protection and Security. .For further information please contact Omnicosult
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