Omniconsult - Information Technologies - Business Value The Gap: The business objectives of most enterprises do not include running IT systems, however to meet these objectives the organisation relies on IT. What is the business value of IT? which is the best way for calculation? Are your IT investments driven by the business or by IT? Will high levels of IT investments improve business productivity? Are business requirements understood and fulfilled by IT? Could IT enable better or more business success? What is the business value of IT? With decades of experience Omniconsult will "bridge the gap" and provide individual answers to these and more questions. We can act as 'catalyser' between business and IT. Every company is today faced with rules of economics, competition, constant change and dynamics. IT technology is here to help. But even technology needs to be monitored and managed, each SW and HW asset, to people and business processes, so that there is visibility to perform and deliver in optimum way. Omniconsult is here to help to bring all these disparate components and complexity into order. For further information please contact Omnicosult
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